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The Texas Tribune staff at their office in Austin on Nov. 14, 2022.

The Tribune is located at 919 Congress Avenue, The Sixth Floor, Austin, Texas 78701. Our main phone number is (512) 716-8600.

The Tribune, which has the largest statehouse news bureau in the United States, covers a full range of topics including public and higher education, health care, immigration, criminal justice, energy, poverty, the environment, water, transportation — pretty much every line in the state budget. We also cover the major candidates and campaigns for office, though we train our sights less on the candidates than the issues. To further our pursuit of statewide engagement, we provide all of our content, for free, to print, radio and television news organizations throughout the state, and nationally in partnership with The Washington Post.

The Tribune has become an authoritative source for providing user-friendly databases of public information in Texas. Our reporters and software engineers collaborate to present a full picture for readers, giving them the tools to be more thoughtful, productive and engaged citizens. Examples include our government salaries database, U.S. Senate fundraising tracker, analysis of state demographics and a look at the capacity of shelters for migrant children.

Each year we host 50-plus on-the-record, open-to-the-public live events — on college campuses, in community centers and everywhere in between — at which public officials, policy wonks and newsmakers answer for the work they’re doing and how they’re spending your tax dollars. Events are often available via livestream video, for those who can’t attend in person, and following the conversation we publish and archive video online. Our signature annual event, The Texas Tribune Festival, attracts thousands of attendees to downtown Austin to learn about Texas’ biggest challenges and to engage in thoughtful discussion about their respective solutions. Decision-makers, industry leaders and community activists from near and far come to take part in this three-day event.