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Texas Tribune RSS Feeds

Feeds allow you to stay updated with the latest content from The Texas Tribune without having to come back to the site to check for new articles.

Main Feed

Everything we publish in one feed.

The TribCast

The Texas Tribune's weekly political podcast, hosted by Matthew Watkins and featuring a rotating cast of editors, reporters and other guests.



Author and Topic Feeds

To find an an author's feed url, append their their name, in all lower case, separated with a dash, to:

For example, Alexa Ura's feed is located at

The same principle applies to our topic feeds. There are feeds for every subject found in Topics; to visit a feed, add the topic slug (lower case, separated by dashes) to

For example, the "Public Information Act" feed address is

Publisher feeds

If you're looking to use an RSS feed to republish our content, please contact Natalie Choate, director of marketing and communications, at